A Web-Based Tool for Controlling the Physical World

Use our Bi-Directional AR and Logic Crafting for editing reality.

Use the Reality Editor 2 together with the Starter App or the Server in your personal home Wifi to explore a new way to interact with the physical world.

The best way to start and to learn about Logic Crafting, the visual editing tool build in to the Reality Editor. Instantly use the Reality Editor 2 with your Lego WeDo 2.0 or Philips Hue Lights. 

Secure Transactions via HTTPS

The Reality Editor 2 can implement secure transactions via the world wide web. This means that companies can build secure payment applications. Think about paying your parking ticket or opening a shared car just by pointing your phone.

Bi-Directional AR via WebSockets

The Reality Editor 2 uses a new way of Augmented Reality called Bi-Directional AR. It allows real-time interaction with the machines around you. For example a robotic arm, a drone, or maybe your new car for positioning it perfectly in the parking spot. 

Spatial Search via the Cloud

The Reality Editor 2 shows a new user interface paradigm called spatial search. It allows the Reality Editor 2 to use big data in the Cloud to help you make better choices around you.

Secure Web Content

If your Bank has a web page where you can check your balance, that same bank can build AR applications with the Reality Editor 2. This means that in future you know exactly how much money is on your gift or credit card.

Connect the physical World

The Reality Editor 2 has a super easy interface to connect all kinds of Things together. For Example, a toy from Lego. Download the Starter App to try it out your self and explore out User Interface 101

Logic Crafting for Toys

If you want to dive deeper and tell the physical things around you how exactly they should behave, use the Logic Crafting interface. Logic Crafting is a visual programming system that is easy to learn.

Logic Crafting for the Home

Logic Crafting can be used to program your entire house. If you want to try it out yourself, download the Starter App and control your Philips Hue light system.

Private and Decentralized Internet of Things

With the Reality Editor 2, a simple bookmark can become a useful tool to tell your home when you want to sleep. This communication happens private and decentralized. No internet connection is used or required.