Royal College of Art Workshop

A three days workshop with students from the Royal College of Art led by Valentin Heun.

Project Card Key was created by Kyungmin Han

(Kyungmin) “My project is about how multiple layers of information could be navigated.
Distance adjustment interface allows users to explore a whole building from the basement to the rooftop in augmented reality environment. The aim was to make users understand a space more easily and give them useful information, such as which rooms he/she can access to.”

Project Pill Box was created by Vaclav Mlynář

(Vaclav) “Pill Box is my experiment, which explores how augmented reality could help people to take their medicine. The concept starts with doctor who writes perception for pills and generate unique ID code (sticker) which contain all information about a medicine, doses, doctor’s comments and contact details. When patient get his medicine from pharmacy he simply stick the sticker on the package. All the informations then can be then access through Reality Editor on phone or tablet. If the patient takes more pills every day he can put different pills in his pill box and using Reality Editor connect information from original medicine package straight to the pill box. The idea is also that the pill box would send push notification to patient’s phone when ever pills should be taken.”

Project Bookmark was created by Fiona O’Leary

(Fiona) “I was quite interested in using the Reality Editor for automation and aligning products and actions that made sense. The idea is centred around when you go to bed you turn off the main light and get into bed to do some reading,you open your book and your bedside light goes on. It is a bookmark that is touch sensitive to when the book is open or closed. Most of the time when we fall asleep, we either leave the light on or fumble around to turn the light off, using this idea the bedside light turns off when you need it to and turns on when you need it to. It could be taken a step further and connected to the main light too so that turns off and the bedside light turns on. It is a very simple project but can be quite effective. Bookmarks could be customised and made to order.”

Project Augmented Communication was created by Kristian Knobloch

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